About Us

Evergreen Indiana

Linden-Carnegie Public Library is a proud member of Evergreen Indiana. Evergreen Indiana is a growing network of public libraries that use the Evergreen software to allow patrons of member libraries to view the catalogs of other member libraries and to borrow materials from them using their Evergreen Indiana library card. With Evergreen Indiana you can: Access and borrow from over 70 other libraries on-line, place holds from your account on-line, renew items yourself on-line, receive holds and overdue notifications through email.

Library Cards

Residents of Madison Township, students of North Montgomery School Corporation, and Reciprocal Borrowers are welcome to a free library card. Proof of residence is required through any of the following: Valid Indiana driver’s license, Valid Indiana State ID, Valid voter registration card, Valid current government issued ID (military ID, passport), Recent bank statement, Recent utility bill, Tax receipt. The non-resident fee is equal to the taxpayers’ current fee. The fee for 2014 is $95.

Patrons receive a new Evergreen Indiana library card at no cost. Replacement cards will cost $2.00

Each patron must have his/her card to check out items.

Change of Information

Patrons should notify the library of changes of address, phone number, or last name. Library services are terminated if you move out of the service area.

Activities at the Library

There are activities held monthly at the library. These include:
Story & Craft Time (for children)
Bingo (for children)
Dinner & Game Night (for adults 18+)
Summer Reading Program (for school-age patrons)

Please see the Community News page for this month’s activities.

Library Board

The Library Board of Trustees is the legal governing body of the library. The board consists of seven members and meets the second Monday of each month 5:30 – 7:30 PM. The majority of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

The current board members are:

Christopher Hudson – President
Steve Burkle – Vice President
Mary Broadstreet – Treasurer
Moina Buckles – Secretary
Hannah Olin – Member
Dale Waltz – Member
Jolinda Brunton – Member

January 26,2015

Election of officers will be at the December meeting each year. Officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Treasurer and President shall be bonded.
(Adopted 6-14-95)


Kathie Watkins – Director
Alice McCloud – Circ Clerk
Kimbra Lough – Circ Clerk
Jeremy Edie – Circ Clerk
Amy King – Children’s Clerk
Joey Reeves – Custodian
Marc Sutton – Computer Tech